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Prevent oil droplets from re-entering the intake system, reducing oil deposits in the engine.


  • Vents crankcase blow by— decreasing oil deposits in the engine
  • No boot soak, intake gumming, etc.— increases the longevity of parts
  • Eliminates the need for the crankcase box on the top of the engine— frees up room for more activities under the hood
  • Venturi-style design— eliminates the need for restrictive baffles
  • Virtually no oil loss— no need to worry about puddles under your truck
  • Streamline routing with no angles— provides better pressure flow & no oil dripping
  • Includes ¾” 100% silicone reinforced hose— designed for oil applications and larger than the competition.
  • Fits 11-22 6.7L Powerstroke engine
  • Black Anodized components for better durability

When the oil in the truck heats up condensation occurs. The OEM crankcase vent system (CCV) allows the gas to escape; however, due to stricter emission standards, the gases are now recirculated into a closed system introducing them back into the intake system. The reintroduction of oil vapor can cause valve gumming,intake sludge, and a reduction of engine power and performance. The SPE CCV Reroute Kit vents crankcase pressure by uses a venturi style design that eliminates the need for a restrictive baffle. Instead, it is intended to catch oil prior to the hose resulting in virtually no oil loss. The base of the nipple is designed to catch oil prior to the hose so there are no restrictions in the system. Our ¾ inch 100% silicone reinforced hose has a streamline fitment, routing over the brake booster, allowing better pressure flow. We also have no tight angles which are seen on many of our competitors’ kits.

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