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The SPE 6.7L Powerstroke Injector Hold Down Kit is designed as a direct OEM fit to replace the brittle cast steel (& stamped steel) injector forks and torque to yield (TTY) bolts installed by the manufacturer.

The factory hold downs can be problematic, so much so that Ford has revised the design at least once since they were introduced. In the earlier models, Ford utilized a cast fork which commonly snapped, blowing out the injectors (usually at the most inopportune time) leaving you stranded. In the later years, Ford switched to the stamped steel version which wasn't quite as problematic but we have still seen issues with the fork bending as well as having improper fitment issues.

After many requests we began R&D on a better, more reliable hold down. Machined from a solid chunk of 304 stainless steel, these billet injector hold down forks are a superior design and the first aftermarket injector hold down forks on the market for the 6.7L Powerstroke.

Additionally, we paired this with our 6.7L Powerstroke Injector Hold Down Fastener Kit which includes 180,000 PSI tensile strength bolts and 304 stainless steel billet washers.


  • Billet injector hold down forks— Machined from a solid chunk of 304 stainless steel providing a superior component that won't break
  • Increased Tensile Strength—rated at 180,000 PSI and designed to reduce shearing and bolt fatigue seen in the OEM torque to yield (TTY) bolts.
  • Reusable bolts & washers— No need to buy a new set of bolts when injectors are removed.
  • Fixes the problematic factory injector fork— OEM injector forks were made with a subpar cast material allowing the injector to blow out at the most inopportune times, leaving you stranded.
  • Esthetically pleasing— Replaces the ugly factory forks that rust and look unattractive under your hood.
  • Guaranteed not to rust— Unlike factory and competitors’ products


  • 8 billet injector hold down forks made from 304 stainless steel
  • 8 reusable fasteners rated at 180,000 PSI
  • 8 custom billet washers made from 304 stainless steel

Replaces OEM part numbers EC3Z-9C334-D and BC3Z-00812-B.

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