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Garrett G-Smart Module

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Bluetooth Turbo Speed Boost Module

Transmit turbo speed and boost via bluetooth directly to your mobile device.

Track your turbo’s performance in real-time with the Garrett G-Smart Module. Transmit turbo speed and boost via Bluetooth with the free G-Smart application. This important data will allow users to see if they are operating the turbocharger within its recommended RPM limits to optimize durability and performance. The Garrett G-Smart Module is your turbocharger’s ultimate companion, guiding you towards unparalleled performance.

• Bluetooth operation transmits data to the G-Smart application
• Modern display with live turbo speed and boost pressure
• Gauge sweep transitions color (G,Y,R) signaling max-rated turbo speed
• Marker on gauge sweep indicates peak turbo speed
• Display up to 120 seconds of turbo speed and boost data
• Easy installation and configuration
• Min/Max turbo speed and boost pressure stored in app
• Compatibility with both Android and iOS devices

Analyze Turbo Speed and Boost Pressure

With the device paired and the car running, the mobile device screen will light up with live turbo speed and boost pressure (if connected) in a dynamic gauge and graphical format. The gauge display features a constant live data feed and has a marker that freezes on peak turbo speed. The graph plot length can display up to 120 seconds of live data. The live data feed can be paused allowing users to review data points within the plot length with a touch of the screen. Users can connect the analog output to an external data logger/ECU for complete data logging.

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