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Schaeffer Diesel Fuel Treatment 2000 Ultra Low Sulfur

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Treatment For Diesel Fuel

Diesel Treat 2000 Is A Multi-Functional All-Season Diesel Fuel Additive Formulated To Boost Fuel Economy, Improve Cetane Numbers, Reduce Emissions, Fight Fuel Deposits, And Increase Lubricity Protection.

* Mileage Improvement
* Horsepower Improvement
* Cetane Improvement
* Emission Reduction
* Cleans Injectors
* Inhibits Corrosion
* Controls Moisture
* De-Icer
* Lowers Cold Filter Plugging Point

Diesel Treat-Test Boosts Fuel Economy
Diesel Treat 2000 Premium Diesel With SynShield Burns More Completely. This Means Better Fuel Economy, Up To 5% In Both Over The Road And Dynamometer Tests.

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