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6.0L Power Stroke Non Vgt Replacement Turbo

Original price $750.00 - Original price $750.00
Original price $2,750.00
$750.00 - $3,850.00
Current price $750.00

2003-2007 6.0L Power Stroke Non-VGT Replacement Turbo

Meet the industry’s first direct drop-in, non-VGT turbo for the 6.0L Power Stroke. No more seized unison ring, stuck vanes or solenoid issues to deal with. Finally, a turbo that installs like stock, supports up to 550 hp, and will outlive your engine!

The Cast 62 pairs great with WDI 155cc/30% or 175cc/30% injectors.

The Billet 63/68 pairs great with WDI 175cc/30% or 190cc/30% injectors.

$100 off if you purchase a set of premium injectors AND this turbo!

More Durable
How did we do it? Our 6.0L Power Stroke non-VGT replacement turbo is a simple, fixed
geometry unit. It is void of the problematic variable geometry design employed in the
exhaust side of the factory Garrett GT3782VA. There are no turbine vanes, no unison ring, and no VGT solenoid to fail. It’s also based on the proven Smeding S300 frame.

Easy Integration
Through extensive R&D, we specifically designed the 6.0L Power Stroke non-VGT
replacement turbo to be a true, drop-in upgrade for every ’03-’07 Ford owner. Our turbo accommodates any aftermarket cold air intake system, downpipe, or hot-side intercooler pipe. If it fits the factory VGT it will fit our turbo. Its installation is so seamless it even retains the OEM pedestal mount and oil drain.

More Than One Option
Rather than offer a one-size-fits-all solution, we designed four different versions of this
turbo to suit the majority of 6.0L Power Stroke owners. For mildly tuned, stock injector
trucks, our standard, cast-wheel turbo will support 350 hp to 450 hp. From there, more
aggressively tuned trucks with mild injector upgrades would benefit from our billet wheel 63mm unit (which supports 400 hp to 500 hp). The 63mm billet SXE-R wheel represents our top-tier compressor option.

Priced To Sell
The standard cast version of our 6.0L Power Stroke non-VGT replacement turbo starts at
$750, which makes it more affordable than a replacement GT3782VA. For the Ford Super
Duty owner that’s gone through VGT R&R’s or multiple unison ring and vane cleanings, this is the perfect solution to get your truck back on the road, and keep it there.

Simple, Durable, And Effective

  • Reliable, fixed geometry design
  • Proven S300 frame
  • Uses the tried-and-true 68mm turbine wheel
  • Equipped with our new, quick-spooling 0.70 A/R exhaust housing
  • More affordable than a replacement GT3782VA

Direct Replacement (No Strings Attached)

  • Works with ANY aftermarket cold air intake, downpipe or hot-side intercooler pipe
  • originally intended to fit the factory VGT
  • Retains the OEM pedestal mount and oil drain
  • Fully adjustable (clockable) compressor housing

*Note: Revised PCM tuning required

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