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Stage 2 180cc 80/100% Set - 400HP

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7.3 Powerstroke Stage 2 Performance Injectors 180cc 1999-2003

So what makes an injector a Stage 2?
A stage 2 performance injector has the same internal modifications as the stage 1 and stage 1.5 injector internally. The main modification for both injectors is inside the injector on the intensifier piston. This piston is a mechanical limiter, it's modified or shortened which allows the plunger stroke to move slightly farther so more fuel is pushed through the nozzle during each injection cycle. Each injector is also converted over from split shot to the more efficient and powerful single shot design. The split shot system includes a wasted pilot injection originally designed to make the engine quieter during idle.

Here's what make the stage 2 a higher horsepower injector over the stage 1 and 1.5. The nozzle size is larger. These injectors have a nozzle size of your choosing from 80 percent larger than stock to 100 percent larger than stock. The larger nozzle moves the total available fuel (180cc) quicker into the cylinder for a larger (more powerful) explosion. The quicker the fuel empties from the injector into the cylinder the larger more precise the explosion and more power is achieved. So understanding this you can choose the larger more powerful 100 or the smaller 80 percent nozzle to reduce smoke and EGT levels slightly.

Advantages and Benefits of the Stage 2
The stage 2 makes more power but keeps the total CC volume lower over their hybrid cousins. You can make performance oriented power with a same stage 1 total flow rate of 180cc. More power with decent fuel economy is a win-win right? Sort of...

With the larger nozzle come more smoke. Although you empty the injector quickly you also provide the truck with a little too much fuel to burn completely in a stock truck. The by product is excess black smoke and higher exhaust gas temperature from that unburned fuel. The majority of this smoke comes on the low end of the throttle when the turbo hasn't built enough pressure to utilize the fuel. Most refer to this condition as lugging the engine. This isn't harmful to the engine or turbo but that's when you get the cloud of smoke when you're taking off.

The good news more of that fuel can be burned or cleaned up with a few more upgrades like an air intake, larger turbo or bigger intercooler. Another option to keep the smoke and EGT's down even without a turbo modification is to purchase the Low Smoke Custom tuning from the drop down menu on this page. These tunes are specifically written to make the max power available but only inject as much fuel as the truck can use. The fuel injection is matched with the turbo boost production giving a very effective balance between power and a clean exhaust. Very street friendly tunes for the injectors and also custom programmed for any other truck modifications you may have.

Stage 2 Injectors Summary
*Custom tuning is required*
  • Great balance between a towing injector and performance injector
  • Choice of nozzle size to fine tune your needs
  • Fuel economy doesn't suffer (depends of course on your right foot)
  • A custom tuned chip is necessary to run these injectors because we convert them to single shot - free chip reburns available or purchase a new chip above with the desired tunes from the drop down menu
  • Extra modifications for air not necessary but advised
Warranty: Full Force Diesel Injectors include a 18 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty!

180cc vs 160cc:180cc is the best choice for most 1999-2003 trucks. The only time we recommend the 160cc injectors is in high altitude locations or for the customer that don't want a large power increase. The only benefit of the 160cc is the 99-03 is converting to a more efficient single shot injector with a very small bump in power. The stock injectors have an effective flow rate of 120cc.
Availability: Ships in 3-4 Business Days
Warranty Warranty 18 Months | Unlimited Miles

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