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6.0 Powerstroke Stock Injector (Set of 8)

Original price $830.00 - Original price $830.00
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$830.00 - $2,030.00
Current price $830.00

Stock Premium Injectors 1 Business Day Lead Time

PLEASE NOTE: We are 2-3 business days out on builds with OEM & NEW spool valves.

Click here for Core sheet: RETURN_THIS_SHEET_WITH_CORES.pdf

Warren Diesel Stock OEM Replacement Injector Set (8).

We remanufacture all internal mating surfaces, inspect all pieces of the injector, replace defective parts, and test each solenoid. Every O-ring in and on the injector is replaced. Every injector we remanufacture is flow tested on our in house flow bench. Each injector has 4 tests that it has to pass before being shipped out to you.

Includes: Warren Diesel Stock Replacement Injector Set (8)

Upgrade Options:

  • Oem Spool Valve- Reconditioned Oem spool valve with tested used wires, 6 month warranty.
  • New Spool Valve- New WDI spool valve with tested used wires, 1 year warranty
  • Premium - Genuine Oem reman by Pure Power Technology, 2 year warranty.

Core Options:

Send In Cores First We will build from your cores and will not ship until we receive them to build from.

Core Charge Pay an additional $800 for OEM, New Spool Valve, New Solenoids and Premium until we receive your cores.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Thomas Bretzlaff

They are working great. And shipping was fast and easy. The people and the call center were very helpful.

Shawn Ellerton
Amazing injectors/customer service

Installed several sets of Warren injectors from standard 155/30 to there big hybrid injectors. Amazing customer service

I can see why all the bad reviews.

First off they are not packaged well you can hear them rattle around in the package. Second I can tell injectors we're tested but they came to me contaminated which would be fine except how do I know the insides aren't contaminated as well. 3rd you can tell they weren't cleaned or polished as alot of it has rust spots and lastly there were alot of nicks and scoring which I understand because they are reman except one of mine had scoring all the way through by the oring. Hopefully it won't leak past the rings. Because of all this I'm going to keep my cores and rebuild it and have them as back up. I was going to buy another upgraded set of warren 175/30 but I think I'll pay a little more and get the rcd's. I have to say that these were not up to my standards they just rebuild and check if it works not if it might have sealing issues and I don't believe they work in a clean environment. Can't say if these will work great or not just making review from the things I saw I'm very particular when I work on stuff. I believe in doing it once, right the first time.

Bad fuel economy

Ever since I've owned my truck, it's gotten good mpg (18-20 highway). After putting over 100k on it after buying it (total of 250k miles) it was time to replace the stock injectors. Went back with the "stock" size and mpg has gone down stupidly low to 14-16 mpg highway. That's what I would get before hauling my gooseneck down the highway. Now I do good to get 8 mpg with the trailer. Very disappointed.

Marcel LeMay
Bad injector. It lasted 6000 miles.

I replaced a single injector on the #2 cylinder with a stock rebuilt injector from Warren. It lasted 6000 miles. I don't drive the truck much, use it mainly for towing. Bought the injector in July of 2019 and here it is May 2020 and it's failed. Did the click test and #2 is out. I plugged in an old injector and it passed the click test. I was hoping it was the ficm, but no such luck. Now I gotta tear down the drivers side again. I'm not happy

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